Microfiche Scanning and Conversion


Microfiche conversion is another service we offer here at Pearl Scan legal to help companies in the legal sector to digitise their files and documents and benefit from saved space, time and costs.

In the past, using microfiche to store documents was the perfect way to store data but, in this increasingly digital age, the microfiche and its reader has become increasingly redundant and, as a result, more expensive to use. More and more companies are turning to scanning services to digitise their microfiche for cheaper storage and easier access to important legal files.

Here at Pearl Scan Legal, we can scan your microfiche at an affordable price while retaining excellent quality images. Once your microfiche have been scanned and digitised, we can deliver your digital documents on a range of mediums including CD and USB or we can host your documents on our online system, Pearl Cloud Legal. 

Types of Microfiche?

These are the types of Microfiche scanning services that we offer at Pearl Scan Legal.


16mm-icon16 mm and 35 mm Microfiche

Icons-30COM Microfiche (Computer Output Microfiche)

The word COM Microfiche comes from the abbreviation of Computer Output Microfilm (COM), this type of microfiche is one of the most common. Specialised equipment produce these microfiche and read the data in a print format then burn that data via laser. Standard microfiche are either 42 or 48X which equates to 208 or 270 pages of data respectively.

Computer Output Microfilm (COM Microfiche) technology has been around since the 70's and is still used today but more commonly by organizations who need to store payroll, accounting, insurance, inventory, or employee data.

Main Characteristics of COM Microfiche:

Combi-iconCOMBI (Combined) Microfiche

Combined or COMBI are microfiche that contain a mixture of 16mm and 35mm images. COMBI microfiche are used mainly for mixed types of documents mounted or printed into an A4 size fiche.

Main Characteristics of COMBI Microfiche:

If you would like some more information about microfiche scanning, visit our microfiche scanning blog.

Benefits of Scanning Microfiche