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Legal Document Scanning for eDisclosure

Many companies in the legal sector have switched from physical file disclosure to eDisclosure to embrace the benefits of going digital. At Pearl Scan Legal our scanning and document management services have been specially designed to assist eDisclosure processes.

Legal scanning for eDisclosure digitises your files and documents and implements software to provide a streamlined solution to help you share case related files quickly and easily. With digitised documents in this workable system you can get the exact information you need, precisely when you need it.

Working with the best and most up-to-date technology, Pearl Scan Legal have the capability to provide scanning and entire data extraction and culling. This offers a more affordable option than a full extraction so you can get what you need and the rest can be discarded. We can extract data from scanned documents on a range of formats in a wide range of languages. This complete solution gives us the opportunity to convert non-text-searchable files, like PDFs and re-import the OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) files back as searchable text files to replace the original file.

Scanning for eDisclosure Process

  • Collection- We can collect your physical documents from anywhere in the UK with our nationwide collection service.
  • Preparation- Once your documents have arrived at our secure scanning bureau, they are then prepared for the scanning process with the removal of fasteners such as paperclips and staples.
  • Scanning- Your documents will then be scanned in high quality using our state of the art document scanners which have ultrasonic double-feed, automated colour detection and image processing applications.
  • Conversion- Your digital files can be converted to whichever format you need including PDF, PDF searchable, TIFF and JPEG.
  • Indexing and OCR- Your files will then be fully indexed by previously agreed categories and made fully text searchable through OCR processing to ensure instant retrieval of files.
  • Quality Checks- Before delivery, your documents will be checked for quality to ensure they comply with our accreditations.
  • Delivery- We will then deliver your digital documents to your via disk, secure FTP or cloud platform.
  • Document Management Software- We can provide the use of our bespoke document management software, Halogen to help you store your digital documents. Read more about Halogen.
  • Shredding & Disposal- Once you are happy with your digital files, we can return your original documents, securely shred and dispose of them or deep store them for a further required period

Benefits of Scanning for eDisclosure

  • Access- Scanned and digitised documents are much easier to access with simple text searches for required files and information.
  • Security- File encryption and password protection options make digital documents a much more secure storage option than physical file storage.
  • Cost Savings- You can banish those storage and retrieval costs and start to save money from the word GO with a digital document management system.
  • Space Savings- Filing cabinets, folders and boxes can be banished when digital files take up purely virtual space leaving you the opportunity to use the new found space more productively.
  • Speed up eDisclosure processes- File sharing between relevant parties is pretty much instant and means information for eDisclosure can be shared quickly yet accurately.

Legal Scanning for eDiscovery

The way you manage your documents is incredibly important for the eDiscovery process. Often, just storing documents electronically is not enough to ensure an efficient system.

If you work in litigation support, we can streamline your eDiscovery process with our legal document management solutions. We can help to set up a system which can be trained to retrieve files relevant to the case you’re working on. The system can search through large quantities of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and extract the relevant data in PDF or TIFF form.

You can;

  • Store files electronically without the worry of not finding them when needed.
  • Save time searching through litigation documents.
  • Save costs wasted through unproductive file retrieval tasks.
  • Store and retrieve fully compliant digital documents.

Our Accreditations

We understand the need for quality, security and confidentiality when dealing with sensitive legal documents which is why our services are backed up by a number of accreditations that can be found and explained fully on the accreditations page.

Free Trial

free document scanning trial

We offer a free trial scanning service to our prospective clients to their required format as proof of concept.


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