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Legal Document Management

Legal Document Management

At Pearl Scan Legal, our experienced staff understand that each client’s needs are different so we work with you to tailor your document management solutions to suit each requirement. We have already helped thousands of organisations save financially as well as save space yearly by managing their documents digitally. We know that time is highly important for those working in the legal sector. In order to deal with the large number of clients required, you must work quickly but efficiently and with document management solutions from Pearl Scan Legal, you can do just that. You can choose from a range of the solutions below;

Legal Document Scanning

Our legal document scanning services offer businesses in the legal sector the chance to digitise files and documents usually kept in hard copy that take up space and consume unnecessary costs. By digitising documents, you can also increase file retrieval times helping you deal with clients and cases more efficiently. Read more about our legal document scanning service.

Data Capture Encoding

Data Capture encoding is the process of extracting relevant data from legal documents to enable efficient indexing. In a good document management system, it is easy to find the file you need quickly when all of the digital documents have been indexed correctly by specified data. Our specialist technology can file your digitised documents into a coherent and easily retrievable system. Read more about our data capture encoding service here.

Scanning for eDiscovery & eDisclosure

Legal scanning for eDiscovery & eDisclosure provides indexing and culling to scanned documents to ensure information can be found and gathered quickly and easily for eDiscovery and eDisclosure processes. Once the relevant digital files have been gathered, they can be shared instantly for legal proceedings. Read more about our legal scanning for eDiscovery & eDisclosure.


If you are a solicitor working in the commercial and criminal law sector, our eBible service can provide you with a document management system to store your digitised documents. Once your documents have been scanned and made fully text searchable, they can be organised onto the customisable system for quick retrieval when needed. Read more about our eBible service here.

Pearl Cloud Legal
Pearl Cloud Legal is a specially designed online cloud platform, fully managed to give you access to your files anywhere at any time. This increases the flexibility of the work you can do when you can view, share and edit files on the move whenever you have access to the internet. Pearl Cloud Legal offers highly secure document hosting with a wide range of features which can be tailored to suit the needs of your company. Read more about Pearl Cloud Legal here.

Halogen Legal

Halogen Legal is an open source document retrieval software which has been developed in-house. This software provides a simple yet intelligent framework to enable you to search, retrieve and index your documents efficiently. If you do not already have a digital document management system in place, Halogen Legal provides the perfect aide. Read more about Halogen here.

Microfiche Conversion

We offer a bespoke microfiche scanning service to digitise documents currently stored on microfiche and unlock the benefits of using digital file storage instead. We can scan 16mm, 35mm, COM and COMBI microfiche to a range of formats including PDF, TIFF and JPEG. Whether you store client files, contracts or any other legal documents on microfiche, Pearl Scan Legal’s microfiche scanning service can help. Read more about our microfiche scanning services here.

Audio Transcription

We provide audio transcription services to provide digitally documented copies of legal meetings or court proceedings for your records. We have over ten years experience as well as a number of security accreditations making us the go-to people when it comes to digitising your audio files. Read more about our audio transcription services here.

Benefits of Digital Document Management

  • Retrieve any file or page instantly using a simple keyword search giving you more time to deal with clients.
  • Create more space in your office by getting rid of filing cabinets and storage cupboards.
  • Help the environment by reducing costly paper flow in the office.
  • Save the money that would usually be spent on costly printing and storage.
  • Secure your documents with file encryption and passwords to ensure optimum data protection.

We cater for small to large scale document scanning and management projects throughout the UK collecting from all major cities including document scanning and management in Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Cheshire, Leeds and Nottingham. Our main offices are based in Manchester, Birmingham and London.

Free Trial

free document scanning trial

We offer a free trial scanning service to our prospective clients to their required format as proof of concept.


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