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Disaster Recovery and Cloud Storage

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reasons for digital document managementHaving the right legal document management processes is vital for when unexpected disaster strikes. Are you taking the steps to ensure your legal documents are safe?

Problems With Physical Document Storage

We have established in many of our previous articles that physical document storage has many flaws and just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to storing important, confidential information. Particularly in the event of natural disasters such as flooding or fire, many companies realise they haven’t taken the right measures when it’s already too late.

What Happens When a Data Disaster Strikes?Fire damaged document

If your premises are hit by a fire, flood or even a theft, and you store legal documents solely in hard copy, then it is perhaps stating the obvious to say that your files will be lost forever including the information they contain.

While it might seem obvious to point this out, we have encountered a number of businesses who have put off digitising their documents only to be hit by a disaster that has left them without the vital documents and information they need to continue working efficiently. Some have seen client files burn and others HR records suffering so much water damage they become unreadable.

Protecting Your Legal Documents By Going Digital

To ensure that the information contained in these documents wasn’t lost, all these companies needed to do, first and foremost, was to create a digital copy of their files by having them scanned through a document scanning company like Pearl Scan.

Storing Your Data in the CloudCloud storage

Simply scanning your documents is not enough though as you need to be sure that your digital copies are backed up securely. Imagine you’ve gone to the effort of having your entire archives scanned only for your computer system to crash. Without disaster recovery in place, you will once again lose all of your documents.

So what’s the solution? Well, a lot of companies are now turning to the cloud as a reliable method of storage. Cloud systems can be externally managed so companies don’t have to worry about IT support and disaster recovery as it is all sorted for them. Storing copies of all of your archives in a cloud system will ensure that even if something happens with your computer network, you will still have your files ready and available from any device connected to the cloud network.

Last year, cloud storage received a lot of bad press but predictions are that 2015 will see an even bigger rise in businesses switching to cloud processes so it is clear that this is still one of the best methods of document storage.

Are You Prepared?

Switching to digital document management is a small investment to make for the safety of yours and your clients’ information and to ensure business continuity in times of disaster. If you’re not already prepared with backed up digital records of your clients’ files and business documents, there are services out there that can help.

manage legal files digitallyDocument Scanning Solutions & Digital Document Management

Here at Pearl Scan, we offer a range of document scanning services to help law firms secure their documents, preventing loss of information. Our document scanning solutions have been proven to minimise data loss by up to 99% making Pearl Scan Legal the number one choice for security conscious law firms.

We even have our own, fully managed cloud platform, Pearl Cloud which you can store your scanned files on once the project is complete. The system allows for quick retrieval, easy sharing and, more importantly, disaster recovery should anything go wrong with your physical storage or computer systems.

Why not give us a call and speak to a member of our sales team for more information. They will explain how the service can be tailored to suit the needs of your company with a range of bespoke features. Once they have established the service you need, a free quote can be drawn up so don’t wait, get in touch today.