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Choosing the Right Document Management Method

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managing legal documents
When faced with a document management problem, some people get can get overwhelmed with the amount of options out there. So today I’m going to give a quick rundown of those options and which could be best for your legal documents.

The most important thing to remember with document management is that, contrary to popular belief, there is not necessarily a right or wrong way to do it. The important thing is to choose a method that works well for you and your company and one that brings you the benefits you need.

Manual Document Managementlegal document management

As the original method of storage, hard copy holds a certain element of nostalgia which lets companies ‘play it safe’ without giving much thought to the document management process. Storing legal files and paperwork in filing cabinets, boxes and folders was always the way they were stored before the digital age took over and some legal firms feel that this management method still suits them best. It calls for a great deal of organisation and a fair amount of budget but, just like the fact that you keep using your favourite mug despite the crack developing in the handle, some people like to stick with what they feel comfortable with.

Digital File Management

The digital age has had a huge impact on the way companies manage their legal documents by bringing a number of different platforms to suit the needs of any business. Some companies are even digitising their old files so they can keep both old and new documents in the same system.

Single Location Management

Digital files can be stored and managed in a single location such as a device like a computer, tablet or laptop as well as storage mediums like CDs, USBs and DVDs. This is helpful for individuals wanting to reap the benefits of going digital without the need for complex networks.

Shared Networks

For larger companies, shared networks provide a great document management solution. Digital files can be accessed by a large number of staff meaning cases can be referred to relevant parties quickly and easily without the need to spend costs on printing and sending them manually.

Cloud Platforms

Cloud platforms provide not only a way to share files with colleagues but also a good backup option for files. If company systems fail, files will still be able to be recovered from the cloud which is a great security guarantee.

Document Management Software

Lots of companies in the legal sector are now using software to aid the way they manage documents digitally. These softwares range from the complex to the simple but each with a main goal in mind; making it easier for you to manage your legal files. Using a software can help to speed up file retrieval, improve organisation as well as overall business efficiencies. This is especially useful for companies dealing with a great deal of documents on a regular basis (which is generally common practice in the legal sector).

Pearl Scan Can Help

Here at Pearl Scan Legal, we strongly believe that digital document management can benefit a lot more companies than manual storage can. We are a document scanning company that provides scanning services and document management solutions for legal firms across the UK.

We handle the entire scanning project from collection of your files and documents right down to delivery of your digital documents as well as free consultancy to ensure you get the most out of going digital. We can also provide the use of our specially developed document management software, Halogen, free of charge.

If you would like some more information about how we can help you to scan your legal files and set up a fully manageable system, get in touch and we’ll be happy to pass on some of our extensive knowledge of digital document management.