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Close the Case on Paper and Save Space

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By going digital your company could save thousands of pounds and paper every year so do justice inside your office and save space, money and be more efficient!

Ok, enough of the puns, let's get down to the serious facts.

Space is at a premium. It increasingly affects both big and small law firms all over the country and has become one of the most significant costs to almost any organisation.

One of the biggest consumers of space in the offices of law firms is paperwork and documents whether stored in filing cabinets, boxes or chests of drawers. Our services are made with this problem in mind.

Pearl Scan provides highly successful yet cost-effective solutions to digitise your files efficiently and effectively. While the service may sound complicated, simple management systems that mean that the transition from paper to digital will be easy and straightforward so you can see the cost benefits almost immediately.

Best of all, we do all the hard work and you simply benefit from a simpler to use system that's easy to pick up and saves you lots of room and costs.

This is how Pearl Scan's Legal Document Scanning process works;

1. We collect your documents and files from anywhere is the UK with our natonwide collection service.
2. Once the documents are at our premises, they are prepared for scanning. Fasteners such as staples and paperclips are removed to ensure a smooth scanning process.
3. We will then scan your legal documents using the latest state of the art scanners.
4. We index and OCR process your Legal Documents to create a searchable digital archive.
5. We can deliver the digital archive via CD, DVD, USB or our specially designed cloud based secure portal, Pearl Cloud as well as onto our document management software, Halogen.
6. Once you are happy with your digital documents, we can securely shred your originals and provide a certificate of destruction or they can be returned to you.

Whether you wish to have your documents collected and digitised on monthly, quarterly or on annual basis, we can tailor the service to your exact needs.

Quality, Service and Standards – Guaranteed to meet your business data security and confidentiality requirements.

We are certified with the following accreditations;

ICO Information Commission Office for data protection
ISO 9001 ISO standards achieved for quality management
ISO 27001 ISO standards achieved for information security management
ISO 14001 ISO standard achieved for environment management

If you would like some more information on the legal document scanning services we offer and how they can benefit your company, get in touch today or get a free, no obligation quote for your scanning project by following the relevant links below.