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Where Can I Scan My Legal Documents?

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Legal document scanning is becoming an increasingly sought after service but what does it offer and where can you get your legal documents scanned?

Law firms produce a great deal of paper on a daily basis. Depending on the number of cases and clients they are dealing with, these files could be kept in boxes, folders and filing cabinets or in off-site document storage facilities. In times past, this used to be the perfect solution to comply with file retention laws but now, as technology advances, there is a much more beneficial legal document storage solution. Legal document scanning has provided many companies with an effective and future proof document storage solution.

Legal Admissibility

It is a requirement in the legal sector to retain files (sometimes for a number of years) but with the sheer amount of paper involved in the practice, this has become a costly and space consuming process. Recently, the legal admissibility of digitised documents has changed meaning it is now ok to retain files and documents in a digital scanned format as opposed to in hard copy. If these documents are used as evidence, they can hold the same weight in court as the paper copy (often provided there is proof of the destruction and disposal of the original).

lawyer-document-scanningBenefits of Legal Scanning

Legal Scanning offers a whole range of benefits for companies in the legal sector. You can;

  • Save on document storage costs
  • Free up extra office space
  • Increase office efficiency
  • Speed up file retrieval times
  • Increase document security

There are many more benefits and the list could go on forever. For more take a look at some of our other articles from Pearl Scan blog.

So, Where Can I Scan My Legal Documents?

It's a common question and the answer is simple...right here with Pearl Scan Legal.

Pearl Scan Legal have been providing legal scanning services and legal document management for over a decade now and we are dedicated to helping our clients reap the benefits of going digital with their document management.

If you would like some more information on the legal document scanning and document management services we offer here at Pearl Scan Legal, why not browse our website or get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote for your scanning project.