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Streamline E-disclosure with Legal Scanning

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With more and more legal firms switching to E-disclosure, we take a look at the best way to go about collating case files ready for use and sharing.

There is a lot of paperwork involved in the legal profession and especially in dealing with client cases. This is why for a long time we have promoted the idea of going paperless with legal scanning here at Pearl Scan Legal. In the past few years, a number of legal firms have acknowledged the benefits of digitising the litigation process. Switching from disclosure to e-disclosure has saved many firms the time, money and stress usually associated with sending, receiving and organising documents and files related to cases. This switch can be summed up in two simple steps as follows;

Legal Scanning

To begin the switch to digital, many law firms will scan all of the files and documents they currently store in physical form and convert them into an easier to manage digital format. Scanned files are indexed and OCR processed to make them fully text searchable because, let's be honest, what use are digital files that can't be found on a database? This makes the scanning process vitally important for implementing a digital workflow because having all documentation in the same format makes everything more efficient.

Digital Document ManagementDocument-Scanning-Service39

Once files are scanned, they need to be stored in one, easy to manage, system. If files are stored on various disks, networks and platforms, they can be just as difficult to collect as paper documents. There is software available to help you to manage digital legal files all in one place so when you need to complete the e-disclosure process, all you need to do is search the relevant data and the files will be there.

Future management of documents is also important meaning that when documents are created in the future, whether in paper form or digital, they should be filed into the electronic system with other relevant documents. Successful maintenance continues the benefits e-disclosure and digital file management brings to law firms.

Managing files digitally has brought companies and individuals a wide range of benefits;

  • No more storage costs with no physical files stored.
  • Freed up space
  • Easier file access
  • Quicker file retrieval times
  • Better file security
  • Streamlined eDisclosure

Pearl Scan Legal Scanning

Here at Pearl scan, we understand the strains of deadlines and busy schedules each and every day so we offer a streamlined service to aid your e-disclosure process as much as possible. We have already helped a number of legal firms by scanning and converting their documents to digital format and aiding the set up of a digital document management system using bespoke software. If you would like some more information about our scanning for e-disclosure service or any of our other legal scanning services, get in touch today. You can receive your free, no obligation quote after completing our online form by following the relevant links below.