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Scanning Files for Insolvency

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Do you work in the insolvency field? Are you struggling with file storage and management? Here’s the perfect solution and everything you need to know.

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Sometimes law firms don’t even realise they have a document management problem until it’s pointed out to them or they can see the benefits for themselves. Some situations that may cause firms to turn to legal scanning services is when;

  • you struggle to find the files you need quickly and efficiently, affecting customer services.
  • you are looking for ways to reduce your outgoing costs.
  • you want to speed up office efficiency.
  • your offices are overrun with filing cabinets and you are looking to clear space.
  • you want to protect files from the risks of loss, theft and damage.


You may find yourself asking ‘why should I scan my documents?’. Well, you should scan your documents because it brings a great deal of benefits including;

  • You can abolish extortionate offsite file storage costs.
  • Storing files digitally gives you instant access to the necessary documents.
  • This instant access saves time and increases organisation.
  • Files can be shared quickly through email, shared networks and online file sharing apps.
  • You can save money on paper and printing with virtual viewing, sharing and editing.
  • Files can be stored more securely with file encryption and password protection to protect sensitive case data.
  • Digital file storage can free up much needed office space.
  • Office morale can be boosted when file retrieval becomes a much less stressful task.


With insolvency scanning, you can scan any files related to insolvency work such as IVA files, debt management files, case files, claim files and other legal documents to a range of digital formats including PDF, TIFF, JPEG or whichever format you require.

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With large amounts of documents, it is usually more cost effective to outsource the scanning project to specialist scanning services. These services will use high quality scanners to digitise your files and documents. All relevant data will be captured in a digital image which can then be indexed and OCR processed to make the file fully text searchable. The fully indexed digital files would then be delivered to you on a CD, DVD, USB or secure FTP. Once you have the files they will then be at your disposal whenever you need them.


Here at Pearl Scan Legal we offer a fully bespoke legal document scanning service where we can scan files related to all areas of the legal sector including firms working on insolvency cases. We have top of the range scanners available to scan legal documents in high quality with a quick turnaround and our services are fully accredited with relevant security certificates. If you would like some more information about our legal scanning for insolvency services, take a look at our website. For a free, no obligation quote for your scanning project please complete our online form by following the relevant links below or get in touch and speak to a member of our friendly and experienced team.