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Give The Gift of Efficiency This Holiday Season

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Continue the Theme of Giving This Holiday Season with Legal Document Scanning. We know you want to spread some joy to others in the season of goodwill so why not start with your staff?

Are they spending the run up to the holidays endlessly searching for files and documents in a messy filing system? What if we told you there was a better, more efficient and cost effective way?

You can get your legal documents scanned and fully digitised to make the festive period easier for everyone. Lifting a huge weight off the shoulders of you and your staff will be a great gift for them and the organisation as a whole.

We'll be working hard in the run up to the holidays to provide legal document scanning solutions for organisations wanting to clear backlogs of files before the New Year. Our Christmas document scanning process will work like this;

Step one-

Our sleighs, ahem, I mean vans, will collect your documents from anywhere in the UK with our secure nationwide collection service. We can even provide boxes if needed to keep your documents together and in order.

Step two-

Once your documents are at our secure facilities, the scanning can commence. Fasteners will be removed beforehand to ensure a smooth scanning process.

Step three-

Our state of the art scanners have the ability to scan up to 10 million images per month which means that, depending on the size of your project, we can have your documents scanned before you've even bought the turkey!

Step four-

After they have been scanned, the documents can be indexed using useful information such as dates and names and OCR processing can be applied to the images to make them fully text searchable.

Step five-

Before delivery, we can encrypt and password protect your legal documents as we know you rely on high levels of confidentiality. We have a large range of mediums on which we can deliver your documents including CD, DVD and USB, as well as with our legal document management software Halogen or on our cloud platform, Pearl Cloud Legal. We could even put your digital documents on a disk, wrapped with a bow, under the Christmas tree if you so wish.

Of course, we're joking here but the benefits you and your company can gain through document scanning are serious. Aside from the efficiency we have already mentioned, other benefits include reduced costs (with little or no storage and printing costs), increased space (enough to put up a Christmas tree perhaps?) and easier access to your documents (anytime, anywhere).

Here at Pearl Scan, we provide scanning solutions for a large range of organisations within the legal sector. With our legal scanning solutions, you can send efficiency and morale through the roof and be ready to start 2015 with a bang.

Legal document scanning is guaranteed to bring you happy holidays!