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Legal Scanning Services for Solicitors

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Legal Document Scanning Service
We recently attended LAW2015, an event organised by The Solicitor’s Group, where we had a great time promoting all of the ways solicitors and legal professionals can benefit from going digital with the way they manage documents.

In case you missed us, here is a rundown of the main reasons solicitors everywhere should close the case on paper documents once and for all.

Space SavingDigital document management

Solicitors know that even the shortest cases can produce a lot of paperwork which is usually then filed away in filing cabinets, boxes or folders in case they need to be referred to at a later date. Since you could be smacked with some pretty hefty fines if those documents are destroyed before the end of their retention periods, many people decide that their only option is to put up with the files overrunning their offices.

There is another solution though; scanning documents can free up that much needed space while still remaining compliant to file retention laws. Once stored in a digital format, the documents will only take up virtual space and that physical space can be utilised in a more productive way. Scanned documents are also now accepted as sufficient evidence in a court of law so you really don’t have any need to keep storing paper copies.

Instant Access

When you store your documents manually, it can be difficult to find relevant files quickly and this slow file retrieval can often delay the completion of cases not to mention bringing frustration to all concerned (yourself and your clients).

When you have your documents scanned, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software is usually applied to convert the scanned images into fully searchable files. These files can then be indexed by relevant fields such as client name, reference number etc. This means scanned and fully indexed documents can be pulled up from your computer system or cloud platform in seconds through simple text searches of file names or even the contents of your documents.

Shared Access

Cases often take longer to complete when more than one person needs access to the same documents. These documents have to be photocopied and passed to the relevant people or scanned in one by one and emailed across but if you already have the files in digital format, you can eliminate those time consuming elements. You can also use platforms such as Google Docs which allow multiple users to edit documents simultaneously which saves even more time.

Remote Access

When the only copy of your files is stored in hard copy format and locked away in a filing cabinet in your office, it means that the only place you can really deal with that work is in the office or you will have to pre-empt your need for the document at a later date. With digital copies stored centrally, you can get remote access to them whether that’s working from home or even out on the road.

Improved Productivity

With all of the benefits above, you are bound to see an increase in productivity, possibly even allowing you to complete more cases in a shorter space of time. A by-product of increased productivity will be the ease at which you can complete work leading to lower stress levels and perhaps even an all round happier workplace.

Reduced CostsSaving costs

There are a wide range of ways you could be wasting money with your current manual document management system including;

  • Off-site storage costs
  • On-site office space for storage
  • Longer file retrieval = slower case completion = lower profit margins
  • Paper and printing costs
  • Filing cabinet costs

All of the costs mentioned above can be reduced or even eliminated completely by scanning your documents and adopting a digital way of managing your archives and live documents.

Pearl Scan Can Help

We are a document scanning service with over a decade’s worth of experience helping companies of all sizes to switch to digital document management and reap all of the benefits mentioned above.

A subdivision of the Pearl Scan Group, Pearl Scan Legal, is specially dedicated to providing legal document scanning services for businesses across the UK. Our services can be fully tailor-made to suit your business needs and we will work with you to provide the best possible solution for your document management issues including additional extras such as our image search and storage software, Halogen.

For more information about the services we offer for solicitors and businesses within the legal, get in touch by phone, email or by completing our online contact form and one of our sales team can draw up a quote for your scanning project.

Prepare For Paperless Courts, Scan Your Documents Today

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UK courts have previously been described as Dickensian because a great deal of their processes have not changed since the early 1800s but all of that is beginning to change with the paperless courts project in full swing.

Even the smallest of court cases can produce mountains of paperwork and often this paperwork has to be collected, shared and sent to and from various locations, often by hand to avoid the loss of important information. Not only does this waste time, dragging out the length of court cases in the process, but it also uses a huge amount of money. This money is wasted on;

  • Printing multiple copies of documents for disaster recovery.
  • Lengthy admin processes.
  • Hiring extra staff to deal with large amounts of paperwork for big cases.
  • Legal costs as the case takes longer to prepare.

The Digital Takeoverlawyer document scanning

Finally, the Ministry for Justice have recognised the need to bring court processes into the 21st century with the announcement of a £375 million project for the upgrade of technology in around 3,000 courtrooms across the UK. This work will mean that evidence in court will still be legally admissible when presented in digital format. Rather than collecting stacks of paper to present in court, lawyers will be able to simply take an iPad or other tablet device loaded with all of the files they need while saving on paper and printing costs and speeding up processes.

Remote Access

The use of tablets to store case files and legal documents digitally will enable remote access to the information legal professionals need whether in court, in the office or out in the field. Files can be accessed and shared very quickly, a far cry from the manual processes of the Dickens era and beyond.

Future Court Cases

The UK is one of the world’s leaders for business disputes, bringing an estimated £20 billion to the economy (according to TheCityUK). With the right implementation of the digital project this figure could rise because of the decreasing need to spend potential profits on paperwork.

Aside from cost savings, lawyers will be able to increase their productivity and take on more cases due to instantly accessible files enabling them to collate their cases quickly. The wild goose chase of collecting paperwork from locations across the city or even the country will be over.

Document Scanning Services - For a Smooth Digital Transition

In order to store these documents digitally, a large number of backfiles and archives will need to be digitised. Here at Pearl Scan, we offer document scanning and document management solutions specially aimed at lawyers, solicitors and other legal professionals. We can scan legal documents to a wide range of useful formats and even provide image management software which can be set up to your laptop or tablet device for use in the courtroom.

For more information about the services we offer please browse our website. If you see a service you like, don’t hesitate to get in get in touch and one of our friendly and experienced team can consult with you to draw up your free quote.

eBible- Why Do I Need One?

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Do you spend a great deal of cost and time collating and distributing legal files for clients and other relevant parties? Did you know an eBible can save you from all of that hassle?

Ok, let’s start with the obvious question.

What is an eBible?

An eBible is a specially designed system for managing legal files digitally in a cost effective and efficient way. It can store indictments, prosecution case summaries, witness statements and interviews, case exhibits, mobile phoneebible billing data, court documents and any other legal documents you may need in a simple and easy to use system.

Why Do I Need One?

eBibles can be customised to each user with corporate colours, logos and branding but the most attractive feature of an eBible is the way it offers instant access to digitised documents through easy to use menus and keyword searches. The system also enables shared access of files so cases can be referred easily to other relevant parties. eBibles have been used by many individuals within the legal sector to gain remote yet secure, offsite access to their files as and when they need them. Overall, eBibles have provided a highly useful tool to help law firms manage their documents, which is usually a long, drawn out and often stressful process.

Why Go Digital With Legal Files?

To fully benefit from an eBible system, you should have all of the documents currently stored in hard copy (probably taking up a great deal of office space) scanned and indexed so they are ready to be implemented onto the system. Having fully scanned legal documents brings other benefits too:

  • You will save space now you don’t need to store hard copies of all of your documents.
  • If you store those hard copies in off-site storage facilities, you can abolish that cost.
  • You will be able to access the files you need in an instant.
  • You can ensure your files are protected from loss, theft and damage.
  • You will be able to obey compliance laws and file retention periods more easily.
  • Have files available whenever and wherever you need them.

Pearl Scan Legal Can Helplegal document management

Here at Pearl Scan Legal, we have more than a decade of experience providing document scanning services and document management solutions to businesses and individuals within the legal sector. Our legal document scanning services are completely bespoke and can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual client.

We can also complete OCR processing to provide you with fully text-searchable digital documents ready to be put onto your very own eBible. If you don’t think the eBible is for you, we can provide our image management software, Halogen instead or host your digital documents on our fully managed cloud storage system, Pearl Cloud.

For more information about the eBible or our legal scanning services, why not browse our website or give us a call and we can discuss your requirements to draw up a quote for your scanning project.