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Scan on Demand: A Flexible Approach to Scanning Legal Files

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scan on demand process
Document scanning offers a wide range of great benefits for legal businesses but what if you’re not quite ready to take the leap to being completely digital? Well, don’t worry, there is another solution.

Many companies in the legal sector struggle to keep track of a manual filing system which fills valuable office space and slows down office productivity. On the look out for better solutions, they might come across the idea of document scanning. Going digital with document management is something that has become popular with companies from a wide range of industries because of the great benefits it has to offer from cost and time savings to efficiency and morale boosters. But, as great a solution as this is, some companies unfortunately don’t have the budget to complete a full document scanning project, even if they outsource to a document scanning company.

On the face of it, this might force companies to go back to the drawing board and find another way to bring those positive changes but this doesn’t have to be the case as there is another solution which offers even more flexibility than standard document scanning; scan on demand.

What is Scan on Demand?legal document scanning service

Scan on demand offers companies the opportunity to have files scanned as and when they are needed providing more cost effective digitisation for smaller budgets. This service offers exactly what it says; the scanning of files when you ‘demand’ them. Your files are stored in off-site storage at a document scanning bureau and when you require a file, all you have to do is contact the facility and ask for a file to be scanned and delivered to you. This way you get all of the benefits of managing documents digitally without having to complete a large scanning job.

Benefits of Scan on Demand

Scan on demand holds some benefits for itself as well as bringing the wide range of benefits that document scanning does too;

  • Some companies offer cut price storage for scan on demand projects.
  • Once a legal document is scanned, it is permanently available in digital format so you won’t need to request a document more than once.
  • The service is instant so you don’t have to wait around like you would with an off-site storage facility.
  • You don’t have to commit to full legal document scanning if you are not completely sure about going digital.

Pearl Scan Can Help

We offer an affordable and flexible scan on demand service for medium to large scale scanning projects. Our superfast, high quality scanners can scan your legal files quickly and we can have them sent to you in no time. This service has already been used by a number of legal firms to deal with their documents in a flexible and cost effective way and they have reaped the benefits immediately. We don’t make you pay for file retrieval, delivery, re-pickup or re-stocking. The only price you incur is cost effective storage and scanning as and when you need it. If you would like some more information about this service or any of our other legal scanning services, please get in touch.

Don't Let Legal Files Overrun Your Office

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free up office space
Office space is expensive and can be difficult to come by so why waste it by filling it with filing cabinets, folders and boxes full of documents? We’ll show you how you can free up space and so much more.

Is your office drowning in legal files and documents? You might not even have noticed before but the lack of space and poor document management could be affecting your business in a big way. By storing files in hard copy, you are automatically slowing down file retrieval, restricting sharing and lengthening the time it takes to get the job done overall. That’s not even beginning to mention the fact that you’re leaving files containing important and sensitive information open to the threats of loss, theft and damage!

Away from the documents themselves, storing large amounts of anything in offices will consume space that could be used in other, more productive ways. More worryingly, the lack of space could also be considered a health and safety risk with cramped working spaces and the risk of a staff member tripping or becoming injured as a result of the documents stored in that way. So now I’ve pointed out the problems with your current method of storage, I’m here to offer a solution. Not just any solution though, this solution could transform your office for the better.

Legal Document Scanning

Legal document scanning is the process of digitising and indexing files to be stored more efficiently in a digital document management system whether on a shared network, cloud system or single computer device. Switching to digital document management means you would be able to store all of those files, boxes and filing cabinets digitally and remove the hard copies from your office as well as complying with legal admissibility practices.

Other Benefits

If that isn’t enough, scanning documents also offers;

Pearl Scan Legallegal document scanning

Here at Pearl Scan Legal, we offer a highly effective and bespoke legal scanning service to digitise legal documents ranging from case files and police reports to IVA and debt management files. We handle the entire process from collection of your documents and scanning in high quality at our scanning bureau to delivery of your digital documents and we can also securely shred and dispose of your original files to help you free up that office space. Our services hold a number of security certificates because we understand how important it is to keep legal documents safe and secure. If you would like some more information about our legal scanning process or any of the other services we offer, give us a call and receive your free, no obligation quote.

How Much Will it Cost to Scan My Legal Documents?

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Banner legal scanning
Cost is understandably a major factor in the decision whether to scan your legal documents or not. So let’s take a look at how much you might pay for legal document scanning services.

Legal document scanning is a very specialised service and the thing with specialised services is it is very difficult to predict a price without asking for a quote. This is because a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration before a specific cost can be given. These services are usually tailor-made to suit the needs of each individual client and then priced accordingly.

Despite this unpredictability, we’re going to take you through some of the factors that could count towards the overall costs of scanning your project and how you can get yourself the best deals.

Factors to Consider

Here’s a number of things that need to be considered before estimating costs. They might seem minor and you may not even have considered them;

document iconTypes of Documents

The kind of legal documents you wish to have scanned can have quite a bit of influence on the overall pricing. Whether that’s case files, wills, contracts or police reports, factors such as how much text per page there is and the sheet quality of the document will have an effect on how much it will cost to have them scanned.


documents iconQuantity of Documents

As with a lot of these services, you can often find that the larger your quantity of documents, the lower the unit cost. TIP: People are usually put off scanning documents in large bulk for fear of busting the budget but the truth is quite the opposite as you could actually save money by scanning all documents in one go.


ripped document1Quality of Documents

This isn’t as important a factor but it is still useful to mention nonetheless. If your scanning project contains a large number of damaged documents, these may need extra time and care to scan so this will be reflected in the quote you receive.


organisation boxOrganisation

How you currently store your documents is also a cost changing factor. If you like to keep files together using fasteners like staples, paperclips etc. it will take a small amount of extra time for the staff at the scanning services to remove them to be prepared for scanning. Also, whether the files are generally organised in filing cabinets, boxes or folders can have a small contributing factor on the price. It won’t be a significant change but it’s worth noting.


requirementsExtras and Requirements

Some extra costs may also come from optional features such as indexing and OCR processing.

Indexing- During the process of indexing, your files will be named or catagorised to help you identify it when you need it. This can be by client name, case number, ID or anything you need. Some services may include a certain number of indexes in their price and a small fee for additional fields so it’s always best to be sure on what is included in your price.

OCR Processing- OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a process which makes each digital file entirely text searchable meaning documents can be found by simple searches of any of its contents. This process will give you an extremely efficient document management system for usually a small extra cost.

Overall Costs

As I’ve already said, a specific cost depends entirely on the specifications above but for a rough estimate, for a legal scanning project of 10,000 documents and up, your costs would usually be in the pennies per sheet. With legal scanning, the costs are always balanced out by the huge benefits you can enjoy and the increased revenue.

Pearl Scan Legal Document Scanning

Here at Pearl Scan, we pride ourselves on providing a tailor-made legal document scanning service with a range of features for an affordable price. Some of our brilliant extras include OCR processing, file retrieval software and use of our online cloud platform, Pearl Cloud. We have helped clients right across the legal sector to save money, generate revenue, increase efficiency and free up office space and we can help you too! Simply get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote for your legal scanning project.